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Secure Your Computer System With Norton Security 2017 Beta

Cyber crimes are the crimes related to computer and the network which actually includes cyber terrorism, credit card theft, identity theft, cyber stalking, phishing etc.

The computer thieves are constantly searching for the new ways to damage computer files, steal identities generally meant for creating havoc.

Norton has been a trusted name in the antivirus industry. This software company has maintained its place when it comes to technology and protocols to stop cyber attacks. With Norton security 2017 Beta Software, the Company is trying to test its latest protection package.

It is designed to offer protections that work beyond basic antivirus protocols. With this product, it is clear that Norton is trying hard to give whole protection for different cybercrime related concerns faced by most people with an internet accessible computer system.

What is Norton Security Beta version?

Since their establishment, Norton is now a known name in the industry. Every year, it comes up with new products with dynamic features for the users. It offers the below mentioned enhanced features-

  1. Intrusion Protection System (IPS) and Firewall that protects a user before threats infect the device.
  2. Behavioral-based technologies and Reputation-based defense are continuously improving and are working together with 24/7 worldwide threat intelligence network. These two will not only recognize and eliminate threats based on suspicious behavior.

Besides the above two, what are other new and improved features?

  1. Proactive exploit protection- It protects the user's device by stopping malware trying to exploit holes and backdoors created by malware the computer system. This enhances the security of the device, while keeping in mind the privacy and critical personal information. PEP can address such issues since the time they occur on system, as it does not depend on the knowledge of attacker.
  2. 64-Bit browser support- Symantec is making Norton Security to work with 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. As web browsers are the entry point to the internet right now, malware creators put their focus on attacking people's computer systems through malware-infected websites. Such websites are purposely created to infect devices of their visitors or without the knowledge of their owners. Reason behind this trick is to dig out personal and financial information of the users.
  3. IPS support for https- Like with 64-bit hardware and software, the same applies to the use of HTTPS protocol. Google being the major among search engines, suggests the site owners to use HTTPS. Earlier it was followed by the cybercriminals, and now the risk can be expected via encrypted HTTPS based traffic. The IPS blocks such threats and risks coming from your network before they reach and sets in your device. By using HTTPS connection, it detects those threats and stops them.
  4. Separating upcoming threats or Sandboxing- Cybercriminals sometimes fill cover their malware with authorized software files.  Norton Security updated version has a new high-performance emulator depends on the approach taken by cybercriminals.  The software runs and analyzes the suspicious and unknown files in a protected virtual environment before they enter in the device. This technology ensures that the files are safe and will not harm the device and data.

Call Norton Support Australia at 1-800-875-274 for more information.

The users can Contact Norton Customer support Australia. Our professionals are there to explain you with the basics of the Beta software. Just call us at our toll-free number 1-800-875-274 anytime and get instant suggestions regarding any query.

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